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Punjab Govt approves to establish Sahulat Bazaars

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

19th Oct, 2020. 12:39 pm
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Sahulat Bazar

The Government of Punjab has on Monday given a green signal for the establishment of Sahulat Bazaars in more cities after Lahore.

According to the details, to provide relief to inflation-hit masses, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar approved the establishment of Sahulat Bazaars in more cities of Punjab.

He directed the additional local government secretary to take steps for the swift establishment of such markets to provide essential food items to people at cheaper rates.

Following the CM’s approval, the additional secretary directed his department to set up Sahulat Bazaars.

Currently, 32 model bazaars are operational in the province whereas ten bazaars were operational only in the provincial capital.

According to the latest documents, price inflation on basic staples like pulses, beans, and vegetables has continued to move upwards.

Inflation In One Year:

  • The prices of spices increased by 86.31%.
  • Potatoes became 56.77 percent and tomatoes 54.88 percent more expensive. Last year, potatoes were sold at Rs 44 per kg, but now they have gone up to Rs 69 per kg. Whereas the price of tomatoes was Rs 85 per kg, but now it has reached Rs 132 per kg.
  • Eggs price up by 46.91%. They were getting sold at Rs 114 per dozen while now they are getting sold at Rs 167.
  • The price of Dal moong has increased by 37.64% per kg. Last year Dal Moong was available at Rs 175 per kg while now it is available at Rs 240 per kg.
  • In one year, the price of dal mash increased by Rs. 63 per kg
  • Sugar prices rose by 34.71% per kg. Last year, sugar was Rs 74 while now it has reached Rs 100 per kg.
  • The price of broiler chicken live has increased by 18.01% per kg.  In one year, the price has gone up by Rs 30 per kg.
  • In the duration of one year, a 20 kg bag of flour got 17.37% more expensive. The price of 20 kg bags of flour increased by Rs. 155
  • In one year, the ghee prices became expensive by 17.76%.
  • Bread prices also increased by more than 18% in one year.
  • In one year, the price of fresh milk increased by more than Rs. 10 per kg
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