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QAR TO PKR: Today’s Qatari Riyal to PKR rates on, 13th Jan 2022


KARACHI: The average customer rates of buying and selling of  Qatar Riyal (QAR) against Pakistani rupee (PKR) are Rs39.90 and Rs40.50 at 10: 15 am PST on January 13, 2022.

The exchange rate is based on the average buying and selling of foreign currency by various exchange companies in the open market.

QAR TO PKR Open Market

Here you can find the updated list of (Riyal TO PKR) Qatari Riyal rate in Pakistan (Updated, 13th January 2022)

1 QAR= 40.50 Pakistani Rupees

1 QAR 40.50 PKR
5 QAR 202.50 PKR
10 QAR 405.00 PKR
25 QAR 1012.50 PKR
50 QAR 2025.00 PKR

Buying denotes the rate of buying by exchange companies from customers.

Selling denotes the rate of selling by exchange companies to their customers.

(Disclaimer: The currency exchange rates by have been obtained from various sources of the money market. The rates are only for information and are not intended as a suggestion or recommendation to trade. The exchange rates are subject to fluctuation during the day. Therefore, the rates given above may vary at any other during the day.)

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