Talent from Liyari gains popularity

Kashif SaeedWeb Editor

28th Aug, 2019. 06:59 pm
Liyari rapper

An eight year old Rapper Waqas Baloch from Lyari has gained popularity with mad rhythm skills.

Lyari has produced talented footballers and singers, yet a lack of resources have held its inhabitants back from achieving their true potential.

One such talent is the eight year old rapper from Lyari who is making waves with his sick rhyming skills.

Eight year old Waqas Baloch, who goes also by the name of “Thou$sand”, has stunned everyone with his deadpan rapping skills.

Waqas Baloch considers his elder brother Asif Balli as his idol and has learned quite a lot from him.

Waqas has been practicing how to rap since he was five. That’s why his elder brother Asif Balli decided to include him in his band.

The two young rappers are fans of Bohemia and often listen to his rap songs.

Waqas Baloch recently recorded his rap song KAKY, which has garnered over eight thousand views on YouTube.

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