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40 artists from seven countries release song to inspire hope amid pandemic

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

31st May, 2020. 01:01 am
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40 artists from seven countries release song to inspire hope amid pandemic

Although governments are working to reduce fears of a worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus, artists from many countries are also playing a role in inspiring hope.

40 musicians and singers from 7 countries, including Pakistan, to inspire hope in the days of the pandemic and they released a song in a collaboration.

The song titled ‘We One’/ ‘Aae Khuda’  has been composed by renowned Pakistani musician and singer Kashan Admani and was released on YouTube under the banner of Dream Station Productions in Pakistan.

The Urdu poetry of ‘Aae Khuda’ is written by Sabir Zafar while the English poetry is written by Babar Sheikh and in the song, a total of 40 musicians, singers and artists from 7 countries have tried to create hope in the people by awakening the magic of their voice.

Pakistani artists, musicians and singers from the United States, Britain, Canada, Brazil and Russia have evoked the magic of their voices in the song.

Although most of the songwriters and performers are Pakistanis, musician and singer from other countries, including the United States, has also contributed to the song.

As soon as you listen to the music and poetry of the song, hope begins to rise in your heart, while the emotional performances of the artists are also commendable.

Regarding the composition of the song, Kashan Admani said that music is considered as food for the soul and it can inspire hope and positive thoughts in depressed people.

He said that the Coronavirus pandemic has gripped the entire world and people of all countries are going through a difficult time at the moment, however, this song is a joint project to create hope and encouragement in the people.


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