Mashal Khan shares beauty secrets, revealed how she has got such flawless skin

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

02nd Oct, 2020. 11:55 am
Mashal Khan

Pakistan’s emerging actress, Mashal Khan, has opened up about the secrets behind her flawless skin.

Mashal Khan rose to fame after her role as Kinza in popular comedy drama Suno Chanda. She has worked for renowned brands and walked the ramp for popular designers.

However, revealing about the hidden secrets, the actress said,  “I used to eat cheese and all but I didn’t know that dairy products are harmful to your hair, nails and skin. Your skin breaks out because of inflammation in your body so when I stopped eating it my skin started glowing.”

Mashal Khan

“I drink lots of water and I am not one of those people who eat a lot so because of that I have lots of benefits,” she added.

Mashal Khan further added, “Actually I use a brand name named ‘Soak In Love’ which is a Lahore based brand. They have everything. You just send them a natural picture of your face and they will recommend you products. The best thing is that the smell of their products is absolutely amazing. I will definitely recommend it.”

Here is Mashal Khan’s video clip:

Earlier, Mashal Khan and showbiz star Ali Ansari had sparked rumours that they have ended their relationship.

They had been in a relationship since 2018. The duo never worked together onscreen, however, their chemistry was quite evident in all the off-screen stuff they had shared.

However, a look at their Instagram handles now shows that not only the two have un-followed each other but all the pictures that they had posted together are nowhere to be found.

Further confirming their current broken up relationship status is a comment that Mashal Khan made on her Instagram live. Apparently, the actress confessed to having thrown out much “trash” (kachra) from her life recently.

Mashal Khan Ali Ansari

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