A hero cannot be someone who is abusive says Mahira Khan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

28th Nov, 2020. 09:31 am
Mahira Khan interview

Mahira Khan, who recently has been named n the BBC 100 most influential women of 2020, took to her Instagram and expressed her happiness over the milestone she achieved among the likes of Jane Fonda.

The outlet said while releasing the names that,

“In a year of incredible change, it is only fitting that we acknowledge the female leaders who have helped us weather the storm.”

The network acknowledged the Superstar actress’s work as she “speaks up about the causes and issues that matter to encourage change.”

“Khan is no ordinary actor – she is outspoken against sexual violence, refuses to endorse skin-lightening creams, and supports the fight against racism,” claimed the outlet. It went on to say that Mahira “tackle social issues in her native Pakistan by changing the narrative in films and on TV.”

In a recent interview with the publication, the Raees actress shared her journey over the years which was not-so-easy for her.

“I’ve been approached from the beginning of my career, not just as an actor – even when I was a VJ – I was approached to do a lot of fairness cream products, skin whitening products. It doesn’t make sense to me, it never made sense to me. So, I am endorsing an idea that a darker girl, a man is not as attractive as someone with a fairer complexion? It just didn’t make sense to me.”

In 2019, Mahira Khan was appointed as the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador for Pakistan. Earlier, the Verna actress had shared some pictures on her Instagram account from a refugee camp she had then visited. In the interview, she showed the picture and said,

“Let me tell you about this photograph. This was the first time I went as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador to one of the camps, one that was in Karachi. We make passing comments on refugees, let’s say Afghan refugees in Pakistan. There is a certain idea of what the Afghan refugees have brought into this country. We are there to raise awareness for that.”


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Mahira Khan also expressed how important it is for our masses to be educated so that rape cases like the Lahore motorway rape case should not happen in the country.

“Something happens, there is a lot of noise about it. Everybody gets on the streets, everybody talks about it on the media, and then what? And then it dies out. Another news comes out, another story comes out or another rape happens! Then that is just another name or another hashtag attached to it,” said Mahira. “The problem is that we are not ready to educate our public or create programs that educate children, we are not ready to talk about it openly and I think we need to change that narrative while taking responsibility for it.”

Khan lamented,

“I am a big part of the media of this country. I feel that our films, our television serials, we have to change the narrative,” Mahira asserted.

“We can’t just show a woman being assaulted (by a man) and then falling in love with him and show him to be the hero. A hero cannot be someone who is abusive. So, I think somewhere even we have to take that initiative.”

She concluded the interview by going through the pages of her diary she had kept since before her baby boy Azlan was born.

“I have been writing before he was born,” she smiled. “These pages are filled for him, there are few flowers too. As you can tell, I’m very sentimental about this.”

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