Kashif Zameer Tries To Kidnap YouTuber Ali Virk

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Feb, 2021. 10:13 pm
Kashif Zameer Kidnap

A new incident of fraudulent Kashif Zameer has come to light. According to details, Kashif Zameer has tried to kidnap YouTuber Ali Virk.

According to sources, Kashif went to Hafizabad to meet Zameer Ali Virk where he tried to kidnap him.

Ali Work jumped out of a moving vehicle to save his life, injuring him severely.

YouTuber Ali Virk said that Kashif Zameer Iqbal came to the garden, he tried to kidnap me, but I jumped out of the car.

Ali Virk is a YouTuber who lives in Turkey. As per the details, Kashif Zameer stayed with Ali in Turkey for a few days when he went there and met Dirilis: Ertugrul star Engin Altan Duzyatan.

YouTube further said that “Kashif Zameer had been calling me to Lahore for several days. When I did not go to Lahore, he reached Hafizabad yesterday. He abducted me from Iqbal Garden and drove me towards Lahore. I jumped out of the moving vehicle. I was injured.”

“Kashif Zameer wanted to kidnap me and kill me,” he added.

A fir will soon be registered against Zameer.

Engin Altan Cancels Contract With Kashif Zameer:

Engin Altan had earlier visited Pakistan and had signed a deal with Kashif Zameer. However, it was revealed that Kashif Zameer did not hold a positive record in the past.

Dirilis: Ertugrul actor announced the cancellation in a statement, “I am canceling the agreement with the Pakistani company as a brand ambassador.”

“Kashif Zameer has not fulfilled any of the conditions despite the period given under the agreement. The company did not pay even half of the amount as per the agreement. I have not any association with Kashif Zameer anymore.”

However, the Turkish star has also announced that he will soon visit Pakistan again, as the beauty of the country inspired him.

“I am determined to enhance friendly relations as well as mutual culture between Turkey and Pakistan. Inshallah, I will visit Pakistan again in person soon.”

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