Shah-e-Madina will be the next spiritual naat of India and Pakistan

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

02nd Feb, 2021. 07:37 pm

Shah-e-Madina is a praise of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), for whom the Almighty has created the whole Universe.

Many artists have recited the naat Shah-e-Madina, but the one recited in BOL Beats by famous singer Naeem Abbas Rufi is one of the kind.

Naeem Abbas Rufi emerged as a Pakistani singer in the early 1990s both on Pakistani television and in the Pakistani film industry.

Rufi has released three music albums, out of which one is dedicated to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

BOL Beats:

BOL Beats is a platform which is dedicated to extolling music by introducing new talent hailed by Pakistan’s biggest veteran musicians.

BOL assures its audience to give some masterpiece and defining music performances that are set to retain their place in the hearts of music lovers’ not only in Pakistan but around the world.

BOL Beats Shah-e-Madina:

The naat Shah-e-Madina will be released in BOL Beats’ first episode, recited in the soulful voice of Naeem Abbas Rufi.

BOL Beats shared a glimpse of the recitation of “Shah-e-Madina”. The environment looks peaceful just like the naat and Rufi’s soulful voice.

Shah-e-Madina by BOL Beats will be the next spiritual naat of India and Pakistan. Fans around the world, especially Indians, are looking forward to BOL Beats eagerly after the hit of BOL Kaffara with over 72 million views on YouTube.

The naat will make you feel closer to the Almighty Allah and His beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH). The soulful music with Rufi’s voice will pure your soul.


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