BTS Thanks International Fans For Their Success

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

26th Mar, 2021. 06:22 pm
Dynamite by BTS

After Dynamite breaks all the records and made it to Guinness World Records, the South Korean band BTS got candid about their rapidly growing fame internationally.

During an interview, Jimin said about the international ARMY,

“They’re the people we love. I can’t think of any other way to say it. They’re the ones who make us feel a lot of different emotions. Even though we’re young, they helped us grow and told us it was okay when we made mistakes. They’re the ones who make me think of the reasons for love.”

After Jimin, Suga continued to say,

“Our fans are special to us. In the American music market, radio play is important. Our fans opened that gate for us. We were wondering if it was possible, but they spread the word about us by sending in requests to radio DJs.”

He said that such fan following and love build pressure on the boys which is sometimes very difficult to control.

“Idols don’t have long careers, so I thought that I would stop being an idol after achieving things like getting No. 1 on music shows and holding a solo concert. After my career as a singer was over, I thought I’d become a producer. But suddenly we were off to America. I had no idea we would go to the Billboard Music Awards.”

“We went to these American awards shows and I was so scared. There were no senior artists we could ask about what to do. I was the most nervous during our first performance in the United States. I went to the hotel and cried because this wasn’t what I had wanted, I hadn’t wanted such a high-pressure situation. I was really scared because I knew this was just the beginning. Of course, it was an honor and we were grateful, but I wondered if this was the right place for us and if we had really wanted to come this far.”

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