Mahira Khan considers herself fortunate to achieve her lifelong dream

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

02nd Mar, 2021. 04:27 pm
Mahira Khan lifelong dream

Pakistani actress and superstar Mahira Khan looks back and reminisces her experience working with Bollywood King, Shah Rukh Khan.

The Humsafar actress revealed how she daydreamed as a child about sharing the big screen with Shah Rukh Khan someday.

Speaking in a popular talk show, Mahira said, “I consider myself very fortunate that I can do this, do what I dreamt of as a child. When I was small I had only one dream — two actually, but one big dream that I want to do a film with Shahrukh Khan.”

“I would calculate how old I would be, what the age difference would be, if he would still be working etc, and I would say I will do only one film — only one — and that will be with Shahrukh Khan,” the actress added.

“I have truly been one of those ones in a million people who achieved their dream which was not only that I wanted to act, but also this childhood dream that I had. However, no one tells you that with every dream there is a price attached to it.”

The Bin Roye actress additionally said that nobody knows the ‘real’ side of her in spite of the fame she has garnered over the years as she keeps her private life low-key.

Mahira Khan mentioned why she never got romantically involved with any actor or anyone from the showbiz industry who showed interest in her.

“I would always say, you like the idea of me. And I always had this thing that I just don’t want to be — ever — with an actor. So I never allowed myself to go there….yeah. I think that’s what it was.”

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