Yashma Gill Looks Breathtakingly Stunning In New Photos

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

08th Mar, 2021. 10:15 pm
Yashma Gill in Saree

The young and talented actress Yashma Gill has left her fans awestruck with her new photos shared on Instagram.

Within a short span of time, the Pyar Ke Sadqe actress gained popularity through her extraordinary acting skills. She has been a part of many super-hit Urdu dramas and never failed to impress the viewers.

Recently, Yashma’s photos in a tulip pants saree have taken the internet by storm as she looks jawdroppingly gorgeous.

Have a look!

The young actress has always talked about Mental Health and told people about her battle with depression. Recently, Yashma took to her Instagram account and penned down her struggles with depression. She wrote,

“I’ve talked about this before, talking about it again, and will keep talking about it till it doesn’t become normal. As someone who has had first-hand experience of depression, panic attacks, and anxiety so severe that it sometimes became derealisation, I can’t STRESS enough at the importance of reaching out and seeking help. Please stop labeling someone’s depression as just a phase of sadness. Sadness and depression are two different emotional states with depression being way more difficult to carry your life with – it’s dark, hollow, emotionally debilitating, and can take a toll on your logical thinking leaving u feeling hopeless.”

Yashma told her fans and followers how she thought of ending her life,

“The worst for me were the times I felt emotionally in pain, might sound foreign to many who have never experienced mental illness but emotional pains are just like physical pains except that u can’t spot where they are coming from. The pains at times become so severe that you just want to stop feeling and the only way to escape seems to be GIVING UP.”

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