Bigg Boss 15: Divya and Nishant are fed-up with their connections

Sana FatimaWeb Editor

24th Aug, 2021. 10:19 pm
Bigg Boss 15

After the bursting episode of “Sunday ka Vaar” Bigg Boss announced that they are breaking their old connections and decided to make their own connections on their choices.

In this task, Pratik and Neha change their connection and together they declare a new connection in the OTT house.

In recent live clips, Nishant and Divya are talking to each other about the connection.

While talking, Divya says to Nishant “In case there is another connection change next time, we will pair up for sure.”

In replied Nishant said “What are we gonna do with Moose then?” to which Divya says “Ande Zeeshan?.”

After watching their conversation in the house, it was totally clear that both of them were fed-up with their connections.

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