Camila Cabello reveals boyfriend Shawn Mendes’s interesting sleeping habit

Raba NoorWeb Editor

31st Aug, 2021. 11:20 pm
Camila Cabello

American singer Camila Cabello reveals her boyfriend Shawn Mendes’s interesting sleeping habit in The Late Late Show With James Corden, says, “always sleep talked” but in particular it “happened a lot during the pandemic”.

While explaining in detail, the Havana hit-maker said that she usually ends up staying awake “a little bit longer” than her man who, for obvious reasons ends up sleeping before her.

“But I would be like reading or something and he would just like start sleep talking and it would scare the [expletive] out of me because he would just be like, ‘Baby. That. Feels. So. Good.’ And then he would like go back to sleep,” Camila said.

“That is the first thing he ever said when he slept talked by the way,” she added.

“He said, ‘Baby that feels so good?’,” the host James asked.

“I was like, ‘Thank you. I’m not doing anything right now, but thanks’,” Camila quipped.

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