SNL pokes fun of the squid game in a country music video parody

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18th Oct, 2021. 10:22 am
Rami Malek

Squid Game is Netflix’s most successful new series launch to date, and it cost a fraction of what original series like The Crown and Stranger Things did. As a result, it only seems like a matter of time before Saturday Night Live parodied the South Korean show.

Saturday Night Live (SNL) rose to the occasion three episodes into the new season, with host Rami Malek, Big Wet, and Pete Davidson performing a music video parody of Squid Game.

Malek and Davidson play broke country-pop singers who play the Squid Game to pay off their debts in the video. Davidson wins after murdering all of his friends, but he is no better at managing his money after the Squid Game than he was before he entered.

Check the video below:

For the unversed, Netflix’s Squid Game received over 111 million views in its first month, or 28 days.