Ushna Shah and Dur-e-Fishan get into a friendly online banter

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06th Oct, 2021. 11:10 pm
Ushna Shah and Dur-e-Fishan

Ushna Shah and Dur-e-Fishan

Actor Ushna Shah recently took to Instagram to share the latest picture of her in a cool attire, fellow actress Dur-e-Fishan was quick to comment under the picture. The Dilruba diva adored Balaa star’s fitness.

“I’ll go on a diet Monday onwards,” wrote the Akhir Kab Tak actor.


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While the Pardes star commented on her post: “I would go eat an entire cake if I look this even once.”

Ushna said that she looks good with the help of good angles and manipulative dressing.

“Month of post-Covid steroid eating plus no gym has left me with a tubby belly which requires a lot of manipulative and strategic dressing. I am however enjoying the womanly-ness that comes with it.”

Dure-e-Fishan is currently appearing in Juda Huay Kuch Is Tarah, opposite Nabeel Zubairi while Ushna can be seen in Aakhir Kab Tak co-starring Adeel Hussain.

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