Quit soft drinks if you wish to live longer, study suggests

Anum RizwanWeb Editor

05th Sep, 2019. 12:58 pm
soft drinks

A study by Dr. Sharon Horesh Bergquist, an assistant professor of medicine at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, suggests that excessive intake of soft drinks or any other carbonated beverage will lead to higher risks of dying.

A new study followed more than 450,000 people from 10 European countries for up to 19 years and found those who drank two or more glasses of any type of soda a day had a higher risk of dying from any cause of death than people who drank less than a glass each month. None of the people had cancer, diabetes, heart disease or stroke before their participation.

The study suggested that men and women who drank two or more glasses a day of sugar-sweetened soft drinks had a higher risk of dying from digestive disorders, while those who drank the same amount of diet drinks had higher risks of dying from cardiovascular disease.

A researcher from Harvard University advised that people should consume more water rather than drinking these carbonated beverages.

Life span will be decreased by the excessive usage of such drinks, experts suggested.

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