Benefits of yoga & meditation are miraculous

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

02nd Jan, 2020. 05:06 pm
yoga and meditation

A vast study has found that those who do yoga and meditation regularly have a healthy mind.
It was also found in the study that such people can control their emotions very well.
In the experiment, over 11 studies and researchers on yoga, meditation, and breathing exercise were reviewed. Thousands of volunteers have participated in this review.
Form the 11, in the 5 researchers, scanning of the minds of people was carried out who had started doing yoga. Such people used to take at least a session in a week. They continued it till 10 to 24 weeks.
In the other 6 types of research, the comparison of brain health was made between the people who do yoga and who do not do.
Yoga and meditation are somewhat similar.
Experts from Wayne state university, Detroit and the University of Illinois Urbana Champagne have discovered this concept in detail.
The overall results were gathered in which it was found that the size of the hippocampus increases through yoga. The hippocampus is related to learning and memory. It is also highly-effected through diseases like Alzheimer’s.
Apart from that, other parts include Amygdala, the prefrontal cortex and the cingulate cortex also widens. The amygdala plays a key role in managing emotions. The prefrontal cortex helps in choosing things. Whereas cingulate helps in memory.
It was found from the overall results that yoga, meditation, and exercises like breathing exercises helps in widening memory, learning and other functions of the brain very well.
The research about the experiments is published in the journal brain plasticity.

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