Ramadan 2020: How to keep yourself fit during the holy month

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

26th Apr, 2020. 11:27 am
ramadan 2020 workout

What is the best Ramadan 2020 Workout Routine? Although it can be hard to maintain a normal workout routine during the fasting month without uninterrupted sleep and proper diet. Ramadan 2020 is quite different from previous years as most people are spending time in lock-downs.

However, in order to remain healthy during Ramadan 2020, finding the time to work out will help to keep your energy levels up, your mind clear and your metabolism stable.

Read on below to find what is the best routine and how to take out time during Ramadan to keep your self fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Experts who themselves fast, focus on three basic fitness aspects in each work-out: strength training, cardio and flexibility.

During the fast, with high temperatures and no liquids from sunrise to sunset, you will compromise your health by pushing yourself too much.

It not recommended to do intensive cardio workouts and heavy weight-training exercises while fasting.

Light-intensity session, limited to 30 minutes of slow, steady distance, every other day recommended when it comes to cardio.

You will be dehydrated but your body will use the fat storage as the source of energy.

Ramadan 2020 Workout Routine

90 minutes before sunset

A light work-out towards the cooler part of the day will mean you can soon replenish yourself with water, and you will reap the benefits of exercising on an empty stomach.

After Iftar

Amid the lock down these days, Gyms are not accessible to every one.  While cardio can be difficult on a full stomach, around one hour after iftar is a good time for weight training for those who have equipment at their homes.

Between 11pm and 2am

For those who do not sleep early at night the best time to work out may be between 11pm and 2pm, after your food has had a little time to settle and your body has fully rehydrated.

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