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Complete Safety Guide While Shopping for Grocery

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

10th Apr, 2020. 12:33 pm
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Safety Measures

Coronavirus Lock down worldwide has led people to buy only essentials from the supermarket. However, there are some safety measures that must be followed while shopping at grocery store.

Health experts have proposed some safety measures, that must be ensured and followed while shopping. America, Europe, China, Africa are badly affetcted from the pandemic and cases in Pakistan are also on rise.

Not only the governments, but the citizens are also doing their best to fight this situation by staying indoors as much as possible.

Read on to find out the safety measures you need to follow:

Wash your hands:

This is the most important thing that you have to keep in mind and the first and foremost measure to follow.

Washing the hands can kill the virus, so before heading out of the house wash your hands thoroughly and do the same after returning home.

Quick Shopping:

When You go to shopping at the super market, make sure you do not waste your time in looking and roaming, instead shop as quickly as possible.

Its better to go in early hours of the time allowed, so that you can avoid the crowd.


Do not panic if you do not have latex gloves. Always use sanitizer and clean your hands frequently while shopping. If you have plastic gloves, they will also work.

Never Forget to wipe the cart:

This is the most important safety measure that must be followed while shopping.

You must wipe the shopping cart you are using to carry the essentials. After cleaning or wiping the cart, do not forget to sanitize your hands.

Remember to touch less things:

Instead of touching everything, pick up the  essentials you need. Use the list as your guide and don’t touch anything that you are not planning to buy for the time being.

Social distancing:

You have to make it a point to maintain the social distancing at the market as well.

Remember to Stay at least 6 feet or 1 meter apart from other shoppers. Don’t overcrowd, wait for your turn,  and if you meet someone you know, avoid hugs and hand shakes

Vegetables and Fruits:

When you return from the grocery store, always remember to clean the fruits and vegetables you bought from the super store.

You don’t need to wash the fruits and veggies with the soap, running them through the water will also do the job.

However medical experts advise not to  buy packed fruits and veggies for the time being.

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