Do You know about Japanese Water Therapy?

Do You know about Japanese Water Therapy?

Do You know about Japanese Water Therapy?

If you are exhausted with your stomach fat and intend to lose weight in short time, with other benefits as well, this Japanese water therapy is a perfect solution for you.

It is a practice when done methodically and consistently may help in fighting various health problems.

The objective of this therapy is to use water in your daily life to balance and improve your health.

Most of the illnesses begin with an unhealthy gut.

The Japanese Water Therapy helps in refining your stomach and promoting your digestive system.


Japanese traditional medicine values drinking water right after waking up early morning.

These early morning hours are considered to be ‘golden hours’, and it is believed that drinking water during this period not only promotes weight loss by smoothing your digestive system but can also help in tackling various health problems.

As soon as you wake up in the morning, drink at least four to six glasses of water on an empty stomach.

Water should ideally be consumed at room temperature or lukewarm.

However, it is best if you take lukewarm.

You can also squeeze some fresh lemon juice in it.


Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least 45 minutes, after which you can continue with your daily routine.

After every meal of the day, do not eat or drink anything for at least two hours.

Aged people, those who are experiencing any serious health condition or even those who have just started out should begin the therapy with one glass of water every day and gradually increase the number of glasses.

This therapy claims to cure diseases and give you a fit and healthy life.

The therapy recommends that you make the above tips a part of your daily routine.

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