adverse affects bad diet has on your health

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

17th Nov, 2020. 02:51 pm
healthy diet

Obesity is still on the rise and is one of the top killers in first-world countries. The food industry has profoundly changed the way we eat over the last few decades.

Human life expectancy and our moods are reduced when we consume processed, sugary foods which are high in fats and sodium. Depression and dementia are linked to poor diet.

Immune System Depends On A Healthy Diet

A healthy diet provides our bodies the boost it needs to thrive and fight off infectious diseases. Diets lacking in vital nutrients can impair the activity and production of immune cells and antibodies.


Energy levels increase exponentially when a healthy diet is followed. Nutrient-filled foods help maintain and boost energy levels. However, consuming too many sugary and fatty foods in a sitting can cause one to feel overly full.

Chronic Diseases

The risk for developing chronic diseases largely depends on our diets. Increased consumption of unhealthy foods results in the development of heart disease and diabetes.

Both these chronic diseases are fatal. Untreated diabetes can lead to vision problems and even blindness over time. Diabetes can also cause damage to your feet and increase your risk developing of sepsis.

Increased Risk Of Cancers

Studies have shown that diet directly affects the development of 30 to 40% of some cancers. Phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables work together to lower cancer risk. Many of these nutrients found in healthy foods lower the risk of damage caused by oxidants.

There are many ways to treat cancer these days but prevention is better than cure.

Killer Salt

Too much sodium is bad for us as it affects the heart rate and blood pressure. Too much sodium from salty foods will cause your body to retain water in an effort to dilute your blood volume.

A maximum of 500 mg of salt per day is recommended. An average American consumes over 3400 mg daily.

Maintain Your Weight

A diet rich in unprocessed foods and good fats is essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Being overweight limits one’s well-being and shortens the life span. It can also lead to pain and inflammation.

Bad Diets Cause Inflammation

Inflammation can be a good thing and it does serve a purpose, like fighting off infection. Bad inflammation is caused due to poor diet and lack of exercise. It is the root of many chronic illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, gout and asthma.

Mental Focus

A diet rich in fruit and vegetables, wholegrain foods and fish is essential in maintaining mental fortitude and focus. Fish is packed full of important nutrients such as protein and vitamin D. It is also one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids which are vital to the body and brain.

Fish has been proven to lower the risk of heart attacks and strokes, therefore it is considered one of the most heart-healthy foods which can be consumed. A new study shows that eating fish could reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s for some people.







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