Get In Shape For Wedding Season Doing These 5 Exercises

Hamna HumailWeb Editor

29th Nov, 2020. 07:36 pm
Wedding Season

With the wedding season being right around the corner, preparations and celebrations are inevitable. This time easily becomes the time to gain calories while everyone looks forward to looking their best.

It has become a recent trend to take part in fun training activities which allow couples to boost each other and get ready for their big day.

While looking good is essential, it is equally important to feel fit from within. Some exercises which can help you achieve your goal and be prepared for the wedding season are as follow:


Bridge exercises help one work on their glutes as it involves a wide range of hip movements, while contributing to the core and toning the lower body.

Supine Toe Taps

This exercise is a part of Pilates and it focuses on the core muscles while also working on glutes, hips and leg muscles.

Warrior Crunches

This exercise works the core and lower body along with thighs, glutes and quad muscles.

It is recommended to do this exercise for a minimum of 10-15 times for it to be effective.

Side plank with rotation

The side plank rotations work on strengthening the arms, shoulders and obliques.

Truck Jumps

This is considered to be a great cardio exercise which helps burn calories. It integrates major muscle groups and helps build leg and core strength.

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