Snake venom, possible cure for COVID-19?

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

04th Sep, 2021. 09:40 am
Snake venom, possible cure for COVID-19?

New research suggests that the venom of a particular type of snake may be helpful in treating people with the coronavirus.

A preliminary study by biological researchers in the Latin American country of Brazil has found that a special substance in the venom of the poisonous snake pit viper, Bothrops jararaca, could be used as a tool in the fight against the coronavirus.

According to the researchers, the venom of the snake could be used to develop an effective antidote to the virus.

Preliminary research has just been completed and experiments are still underway for further research, according to the team of researchers.

Preliminary research into an effective cure for the coronavirus from the venom of the snake is being carried out at the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil. The team leader in this research is Rafael Guido.

Guido is an assistant professor at the Institute of Infectious Diseases Research Institute at the University of Sao Paulo’s Chemistry Institute.

His new research is included in last week’s issued international scientific research journal Molecule.

Researcher Raphael Guido, citing his new research, said that the drug made from the venom of the snake was treated on a sick monkey and it was surprising that a molecule in the venom stopped the protein coming out of the virus.

This molecule does not allow 75% of the protein to come out. According to Guido, the protein that comes from the virus that spreads the disease in any human being.

Guido further elaborated that a molecule in snake venom is called a peptide and contains a large amount of amino acids, which bind to an enzyme PLPro of the coronavirus and start its action.

This molecule peptide does not disturb other cells of the coronavirus while inhibiting the growth process of the coronavirus. This preliminary research has also revealed that the drug that is being developed has no side effects.

Extremely dangerous and venomous snake

Brazilian researcher Raphael Guido has used the venom of Bothrops Jararacussu, a type of highly venomous snake pit viper, to develop an effective cure for the coronavirus.

Found in South American countries, this snake is more than two meters long and is considered extremely dangerous due to its very heated temperament.

Its sting is two and a half centimetres long and injects a lot of venoms while biting its prey. This snake has the power to bite and kill 16 people at a time.

Many researchers have also expressed wariness of research, saying that this research process could destroy the snake species.

Researcher Raphael Guido says he will breed the snake in his laboratory to continue his research. It should be noted that according to previous research, the molecules found in the venom of various types of viper snakes contain elements that have been shown to be important in the fight against bacteria.

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