China: Rain-triggered flood kills 13

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

07th Aug, 2019. 07:01 pm
Flooding kills 13

Rain-triggered flood killed 13 people and caused great damage to a village of Shiyan City.

The flood hits China’s Hubei Province here on Wednesday.

The heavy rain hit Shiyan with the greatest precipitation reaching 93.3 millimeters per hour in some regions.

The torrential rain hits Qinglong Shan Village of the city shortly after, leaving 8 dead and 5 missing.

“We inspected 53 people trapped and rescued 40 of them at that time and we found eight dead and five missing”, official said.

“Rescue work is underway, meanwhile injured people were sent to the nearby hospitals.”

Fifty seven houses belonged to 19 households collapsed, and 33 houses were damaged in different degrees in the neighborhood, he said.

Local authorities deployed rescue teams right after the accident, with over 2,000 residents being evacuated.

As search work continued, the five missing were found dead lately.

The local meteorological department issued a rainstorm alert, saying heavy rain in some regions of Shiyan would bring 150mm precipitation in some regions for the next 24 hours.

The floodwaters caused extensive damage to several villages, with at least 19 homes collapsing.

Local officials said that they removed more than 50 people from the rubble.

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