13 died as the immigrants’ boat sinks in Lampedusa

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

08th Oct, 2019. 07:37 am

13 women died when a boat sank in Lampedusa, Italy. The boat was taking the immigrants. The ship sank on the Island. As a result, 30 people, including 8 children, have not been found yet.

Over 13 women died in the incident. The fear of more deaths still prevails.

A total of 50 people were present in the boat out of which 22 were found.

It should be remembered that 2 boats had sunk in the Mediterranean Sea before this incident. Over 150 people had died as a whole.

According to international media sources, Libyan coast guards had informed that the immigrants were traveling from Libya to Europe when the boats turned over and sunk. 150 people had died as a result. Authorities had said that almost 300 people were present in the boats.

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