24 Soldiers killed in an attack by militants in Mali, Africa

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

19th Nov, 2019. 08:54 am
mali attack on soldiers

Twenty four soldiers have died and twenty-nine were wounded as they were attacked by militants in eastern Mali.

According to an international news agency, such attacks have been started with a tragic incident that had happened at the beginning of November. Fifty-four soldiers were killed by militants in Mali.

This is one of the deadliest attacks happened over the army of Mali in recent memories, which identified the growing reach of armed Jihadist groups operating in the wider region.

No group has accepted the responsibility of the attack.

It should be remembered that 54 soldiers were killed in a similar attack by militants. Before that, 48 soldiers were killed in the integrated attacks that were carried out on 30th September 2019 on two militant bases in central Mali.

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