Germany marks 30 years since fall of Berlin Wall

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

10th Nov, 2019. 03:04 pm
Germany marks 30 years since fall of Berlin Wall

Celebrations are in full flow as Germany marks 30 years since the Berlin Wall fell.

The toppling of the wall, which separated the Communist-ruled East from the capitalist West in Berlin for nearly three decades and became a potent symbol of the Cold War, was followed a year later by the reunification of Germany in 1990.

According to foreign news agency, the 30th anniversary of Berlin’s Wall fall was being celebrated with full swing.

Various events have also been organized on this occasion. A light show was held in Berlin, while all the walls of Berlin were decorated with electric lights.

In addition, former German Democratic Republic Parliament building was shown formations through a 3D light projection.

Moreover, concerts, lectures, poetry and film exhibitions were also been organized.

Germany’s Chancellor, Angela Merkel and German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier attended the main event, including a number of foreign leaders who placed flowers at the end of the Berlin Wall.

Addressing the ceremony, German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed that no one could break Germany.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres also tweeted on the occasion.

In his tweet, he shared a photo of a wall part located at the UN headquarters in New York.

He wrote, “This segment of the Berlin Wall in our NY Headquarters, is a daily reminder of the artificial divisions sometimes created to separate us – but also of our power to dismantle them and create a better world, together.”

The fall of the Berlin Wall, on 9 November 1989, was a pivotal event in world history which marked the falling of the Iron Curtain.

An end to the Cold War was declared at the Malta Summit three weeks later, and the reunification of Germany took place during the following year.

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