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Baghdad: Iraqi protesters storm, burst a security post

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

31st Dec, 2019. 08:04 pm
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iraqi protest

BAGHDADIraqi protesters have stormed and set fire to a security post at the entrance to the US embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday.

Dozens of protesters broke into the US embassy compound in Baghdad on Tuesday, smashing a main door and setting fire to a reception area, prompting tear gas and sounds of gunfire.

Witnesses reported rising from inside the compound and said they saw at least three US soldiers on the roof of the main building inside the embassy.

President Donald Trump has vowed to hold Iran ‘fully responsible’ for an attack on the US embassy in Baghdad today, where hundreds of pro-Iran militia members stormed the compound in retaliation for American air strikes.

American soldiers inside the embassy have fired tear gas, stun grenades and warning shots, wounding 20 of the hundreds of fighters who broke down the gate and set fires within the complex in the Iraqi capital.

The ambassador was on leave at the time of the attack and embassy staff had already been evacuated before the US Marine guard became besieged behind the bullet-proof glass and on the rooftops.

Trump has vowed to hold Tehran accountable for the embassy attack, which is in retaliation for US air strikes on the Iran-backed Kataeb Hezbollah on Sunday night that killed two dozen fighters. Those strikes were in retaliation for last week’s killing of an American contractor at a US base in Kirkuk.

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Earlier, anti-government demonstrations have resumed in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, 2 people killed and more than 200 were injured.

According to details, police fired live ammunition and volleys of tear gas canisters to disperse the protesters, which worsened the condition of several people.

Police officials said, the protesters turned towards the government offices which led to the operation.

It should be noted that since the beginning of October, the death toll has increased by more than 150 during the ongoing protests against the government.

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