Psychologists who created CIA torture will be testified at Guantanamo

By Komal Fatima - Web Editor

24th January, 2020

Two psychologists who created the CIA’s “war on terror” tortured program after the 9/11 attack will provide evidence this week at a military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay.

The alleged person behind the 9/11 incident Khalid Sheikh Mohammad will appear before the court. He was waterboarded repeatedly in Guantanamo.

James Mitchell showed a stubborn attitude when he appeared at a hearing for interrogation on Tuesday about waterboarding, stress position and sleep deprivation methods applied in 9/11.

He said before five of those men that he will get up today and do it again.

Mitchell was among the architects of “enhanced interrogation” operations organized against suspected Al-Qaeda groups after the 9/11 attacks.

Mitchell said that the methods he and another psychologist used are now banned as illegitimate torture. He quoted that it has been his “moral duty” to save the country.

He said to the court, “To protect American lives outweighed the feelings of discomfort of terrorists who voluntarily took up arms against us,”

“To me, it just seemed like it would be a dereliction of my moral responsibilities.”

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