Bootleg booze kills 27 in Iran after coronavirus ‘cure’ rumours

Atta Ur Rehman KhanWeb Editor & Columnist

09th Mar, 2020. 09:29 pm
coronavirus in iran alcohol

Twenty-seven people have died from methanol poisoning in Iran after rumours that drinking alcohol can help cure the coronavirus infection, state news agency IRNA reported on Monday.

According to the sources of IRNA, Twenty have died in the southwestern province of Khuzestan and seven in the northern region of Alborz after consuming bootleg alcohol.

Be clear that Drinking alcohol is banned in Iran for everyone except some non-Muslim religious minorities.

Iran’s ambassador to Vatican died due to coronavirus

Earlier on February 27, Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) bans direct flights between Pakistan and Iran for an indefinite period.

As per details, CAA bans direct flights between Pakistan and Iran for an indefinite period.

The ban came after the two confirmed cases of coronavirus surfaced in the country.

Notification issued by CAA said the ban on flights will become effective from 12:00 am tonight.

Meanwhile, CAA established an emergency control room in the aviation division to remain operational for 24/7 until further orders.

The decision to suspend the flights is part of measures to prevent a possible spread of the epidemic in the country.

Earlier, Prime Minister’s Special Assistant for Health Dr Zafar Mirza said that one case of Corona virus has been reported in Sindh while the other has been reported in the federal capital.

The first case of the deadly coronavirus in Pakistan has been reported in Karachi’s private hospital, a spokesperson for the Sindh Health Department confirmed.

The 22-year-young male patient travelled to Iran where he acquired the virus He cam back to Pakistan few days back in an airplane Media Coordinator to the Health and Population Welfare Minister Meeran Yousuf said in a statement.


It is to be noted that an ongoing outbreak of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, started in December 2019.

It was first identified in Wuhan, the capital of Hubei, China.[5][6] As of 26 February 2020, 81,278 cases have been confirmed, including in all provinces of China and more than forty other countries.

There have been 2,770 deaths attributable to the disease, including 55 outside mainland China, surpassing that of the 2003 SARS outbreak.

However, more than 30,000 people have since recovered.

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