6 Died in clashes during food distribution in Afghanistan

Komal FatimaWeb Editor

10th May, 2020. 03:58 pm
6 Died in clashes during food distribution in Afghanistan

At least 6 people, including 2 policemen and 4 civilians, have died when a clashed took place during the distribution of food aid. Officials say that the clash occurred between the protestors and security forces.

In addition to this, ten policemen and 9 local people were wounded in the incident.

Officials say that the chaos had occurred as protestors gathered in Ghor province in Firozkoh. Protestors complained about the failure to support the poor during coronavirus pandemic.

The interior ministry said gunmen attacked a government office, compelling security forces to fire.

Afghanistan Journalists’ Centre said that a local volunteer radio presenter Ahmadkhan Nawid was killed.

The human rights group Amnesty International has urged for a sovereign investigation about the “use of unnecessary and excessive force” that took the lives.

Vice President Amrullah Saleh shared concerned on Facebook that the event was “shocking” and said the government is graveling investigating the matter.

He said, “We will reach in support every single inhabitant of this country who has been affected economically by the coronavirus,”

The chairwoman of Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission Shahrzad Akbar talked about the unfair food distribution. She reported to the international news agency, “We hear repeated complaints from people that the ones who are receiving the limited aid that is there are not the ones that are most deserving, they are the ones who have connections to local authorities or local officials,”

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