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COVID-19: Heart wrenching images of mother Son love will leave you cry

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

20th Jul, 2020. 11:45 pm
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COVID-19: Heart wrenching images of mother Son love will leave you cry

Occupied Jerusalem: A picture of a Palestinian youth trying to catch a glimpse of his mother suffering from COVID-19 through a hospital window has gone viral on social media.

According to the details, the mother of the Palestinian youth has succumbed to coronavirus. Meanwhile, a picture of her son went viral on social media in which he was trying to see a glimpse of his mother through a hospital window.

Thousands commiserated with a picture of a young Palestinian al-Suwaiti when it went viral on social media.

30-year-old Rasmi Suwaiti told Quds Net News Agency that my mother was 75 years old, was suffering from Coronavirus.

Son of a deceased COVID-19 patient said that after the hospital banned him from meeting his mother as a precautionary measure, he used to go straight to Hebron Government Hospital as soon as he left the office and climb the back wall and sit at the window of his mother’s room to see her.

Suwaiti said that his mother has passed away and every moment he prayed that May Allah heals every patient.

He said that apparently there was no distance between the window and the mother, but I thought it was as far as the earth and the sky.

“I was sad to see my mother in pain, my mother was breathing her last and there was nothing I could do,” he said.

The Palestinian youth said, “I don’t know if my pictures went viral. People told me that your pictures have gone viral on social media. I think Allah made this picture viral so that everyone will pray for my mother.”

COVID-19: Heart wrenching images of mother Son love will leave you cry

CEO of Patriotic Vision and a representative to the United Nations, Mohamad Safa shared the photo with a caption, “The son of a Palestinian woman who was infected with COVID-19 climbed up to her hospital room to sit and see his mother every night until she passed away,” wrote Mr Safa while sharing the picture.”

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