Woman jailed for faking blindness and receiving £1 million

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

11th Jul, 2020. 11:43 pm
Woman jailed for faking blindness and receiving £1 million

A court of Manchester in the United Kingdom has sentenced an aged woman to three years in prison for faking blindness for 15 years and receiving nearly ً 1 million pounds in aid.

Christina, 65, received about ً 1 million pounds as government aid over 15 years, averaging ً 13,000 pounds a month.

According to the reports, Christina earned five times the monthly salary of an average British citizen.

Christina maintained dual identities and received a monthly stipend from the British government for her disability.

Christina came to the attention of the law when she was seen reading a newspaper in CCTV footage and collecting her grandchildren from school.

The woman testified in court that she had distributed the money to the needy.

She admitted to going for the holidays several times, bought clothes and underwent skin surgery with the aid money.

The court said that this was the money Christine was not entitled to and for 15 years she stole 1 million pounds from her fellow citizens by faking blindness.

“The money was for people who deserved it. The money could give to schools and hospitals,” the court said.

The court also sentenced Anne Brown, the woman’s 34-year-old daughter, to 18 months in prison for laundering 70,000 pounds.

The court said Anne Brown knew that her mother had such a large sum of money and still did not notify police.

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