Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest: Police arrested 74 people

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

13th Sep, 2020. 07:18 pm
Melbourne Anti-Lockdown Protest: Police arrested 74 people

On Sunday, 74 people were arrested by the Melbourne authorities who protested against the lockdown restrictions. More than 250 people joined the illegal protest against the lockdown.

The demonstrators carried out an illegal protest by ignoring official warnings and public health orders. They gathered at the central Queen Victoria market and demanded to end the weeks-long lockdown in Melbourne, the second biggest city of Australia.

According to the details, the police arrested 74 protestors and fined 176 of them. The police said in a statement that,

“Many protestors were aggressive and threatened violence towards officers”.

According to the statement, one man was believed to be a “primary agitator” and the other was charged for assaulting the police.

Earlier in the same month, several people were arrested in Australia amid anti-lockdown protests attended by hundreds nationwide.

Around 300 people marched in Melbourne in wake of strict measures that have been implemented for a month. They chanted “freedom” and “human rights matter” after heavy police presence.

Anti-lockdown protests also occurred in Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.


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