Britain’s Prince William Launches Nobel Like ‘Earthshot’ Prize

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

08th Oct, 2020. 08:02 pm
Britain's Prince William Launches Nobel Like 'Earthshot' Prize

Britain’s Prince William has announced a new award for those who have come up with unique ideas for saving the world from environmental pollution and conserving nature through the royal palace.

In an interview with CNN, Prince William said that the Earthshot Prize has been launched with the participation of world leaders, institutions and organizations.

Prince William said that he wants the award to be as important as the Nobel Prize so that the issue of environmental and nature conservation can become more important in the world.

The British prince acknowledged that there are people around the world who are working to protect nature and have solutions to major problems and benefited from their suggestions by bringing such people to the fore through the award.

Prince William further said that the award of The Earthshot Prize will also highlight the issue of environmental and nature conservation and will help solve some of the plans set by 2030.

It is to be noted that the first award of ‘The Earthshot Prize’ will be given next year and the acceptance of nominations for next year’s award will start from November 1 this year.

According to The Earth Shot Prize, they have 100 partners around the world who will be nominated based on the work done by individuals, groups, institutions and organizations to protect the environment.

According to the organization, only those individuals, groups, institutions and organizations will be nominated for the award, who have made unique suggestions for the protection of nature and the environment.

Nominations will be followed by a screening phase, which will look at how unique the nominees, groups, institutions and organizations have come up with.

After the screening, individuals, groups, institutions and organizations will be shortlisted for the award with the help of experts and the experts will send the shortlist to the Awards Council.

The Earthshot Prize Council will shortlist 5 individuals or organizations from among individuals, groups, organizations and associations.

The Earth Shot Prize Council includes a number of world celebrities, including Prince William, Jordan’s Queen Rania Abdullah, Alibaba founder Jack Ma, actress Kate Blanchett, singer Shakira, broadcaster David Attenberg and other environmentalists. People included.

Each of the five individuals, groups, institutions or organizations selected for The Earthshot Prize will receive $1.03 million, up from  $20,000 for the Nobel Prize.

The award-winning individual, group, institution or organization will also be provided with a global platform to work on their proposal and the award ceremony will be held in different countries of the world every year.

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