Germany Witnesses Rise In Domestic Violence Against Women

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

25th Nov, 2020. 08:07 pm
Germany Witnesses Rise In Domestic Violence Against Women

Statistics released on Tuesday show that the number of murders of women and domestic violence in Germany has risen sharply in 2019.

Speaking at a conference in Berlin, German Minister for Family Affairs Franziska Giffey pointed to the “terrible statistics”.

According to her, every third day in Germany, a woman is killed by her partner.

Among EU member states in 2018, Germany topped the list of femicide or murders of women.

Feminist activists in Germany have strongly condemned the reporting of such crimes in the German tabloid media because they regularly portray sensational and such killings as romantic. For example, the murder of women is often used to create a sensation by using reforms such as “emotional crimes, love tragedies” and “family tragedies”. Such language and words not only affect the thinking of the general public but also show that for many members of society, the killing of women is a ‘private matter’.

“Murder of women is still a taboo subject in Germany,” said Vanessa Bell, a feminist activist with the German NGO Terre des Femmes. There are cases in which the culprit has been charged or convicted. An extensive EU-level study in 2014 found that only one in three cases of domestic violence was reported to the police.

A German expert says no religion or nationality has a hand in the killing of women and domestic violence.

Vanessa Bell said that the killing of women in Germany at that time was seen as a social problem. When his background is religious or minority. But the fact is that two-thirds of the men who kill women in Germany are German citizens.

“Domestic violence occurs in all parts of society, it’s not a question of religion or nationality or education,” Julia Schäfer, who now heads a crime-prevention unit in the interior ministry of the state of Hesse.

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