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Christmas 2020: This Year ‘Deepfake’ Queen To Deliver Alternative Message

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

24th Dec, 2020. 08:15 pm
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Christmas 2020: This Year 'Deepfake' Queen To Deliver Alternative Message

This year, ‘Deepfake’ Queen will deliver Channel 4 alternative Christmas message, according to the international media reports.

Note that Channel 4 is a British free-to-air public-service television broadcaster with headquarters in London, United Kingdom.

While Queen Elizabeth will give her traditional massage on the BBC and ITV, her digitally created doppelgänger will share her message on Channel 4.

Buckingham Palace told the BBC they did not want to comment.

Channel 4 says the move seeks to issue a “stern warning” about fake news in the digital age.

Deepfake technology can still be used to create fairly reliable but completely unrealistic video content and is often used to spread misinformation.

In this post, Deepfake intends to try out the Tiktok Viral Dance Challenge.


Mimicry of the Queen

The five-minute message will address a number of controversial issues, including the decision of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to leave the UK.

It will also mention the Duke of York’s decision to step down earlier this year.

Earlier this year, the Duke of York, Prince Andrew, decided to relinquish his royal duties after revealing his relationship with sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in an interview with the BBC.

The BBC’s Nicholas Vachel is not impressed. He says: “The queen has been imitated many times and there is nothing special about it.”

The sound is the same as the sound. This is a very bad attempt to imitate the Queen. But what bothers him most is the use of technology to match the words coming out of his lips with the video.

Although current technology allows replicas to be created with sound, British Queen Debra Stephenson will lend her voice to the Queen’s Deepfake or similar voice.

Earlier, in the year 2020, he had also given his voice to his image in the satirical sketches made on the Queen of Britain.

“As an actress, she’s very excited, but the idea that this message can be used in any other context is also terrifying,” says Stephenson.

The Queen of Great Britain’s Deep Fake counterpart is produced by the Oscar-winning VFX Studio Frame Store.

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