Racial Discrimination In COVID-19 Responses Observed In U.S.

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26th Dec, 2020. 08:44 pm
Racial Discrimination In COVID-19 Responses Observed In U.S.

Racial discrimination has been observed in the treatment of coronavirus patients in the United States. A black doctor died after suffering from COVID-19. The doctor complained about the prejudice of white staff in the medical process.

An American black doctor, Dr Susan Moore, a 52-year-old Black physician, was defeated in his ongoing fight against the disease. The disease won and the life of a black patient-doctor was swallowed up by death. The doctor also complained about the prejudice of the medical staff before her death. The complaint went viral on social media, with users sharply criticizing the US health system. Critics also called on state officials to conduct a transparent investigation into the matter.

On the other hand, in view of a large number of posts on social media, the US state of Indiana has also decided to conduct a full investigation into this tragic incident. Corona vaccine distribution, a clear distinction between rich and poor countries

The black doctor who complained of bias in treatment and treatment was Susan Moore, 52. She was infected with the coronavirus last month. After her condition worsened, Dr Moore was admitted to Indiana University System North Hospital in Carmel, north of Indianapolis, the capital of Indiana.

The details were also posted on the social networking site Facebook. She said she was aware of the severity of the disease and had repeatedly requested appropriate treatment but it was ignored.

Dr Moore said that if she had been white, the medical staff would have treated her differently. She clarified that far from giving medicine, the staff of North Hospital did not even bother to do scanning and routine check-ups. Moore made it clear that she told a white doctor about her illness and the severity of her pain, but that doctor completely ignored the seriousness of the matter.

A video of Moore was uploaded to Facebook on December 4 this year, in which she says, “If I were a white person, I wouldn’t have been treated like this.” The voice sat up in agony. She added, “Black people are killed in this way because they cannot fight the disease alone.”

Discharge from North Hospital

Dr Suzanne Moore was discharged from North Hospital in Carmel on December 7, saying she no longer needed treatment. In her video, she said that she kept telling the doctor that she was not well yet but all her conversations were listened to. According to Moore, when he was discharged from the hospital, his fever was high and his blood pressure was low.

Dr Susan Moore grew up in Michigan, where she received her medical degree in 2002. She practised medicine in Indiana with a license to practice medicine. Share the Corona vaccine with each other.

Dr Dennis Murphy, president and chief executive officer of Indiana University Health Systems, said in a statement that he was saddened by Dr Susan’s death. He also said that he was not convinced that the medical team would not provide technical assistance and that the complete treatment provided to the patient would be reviewed. He said that orders have been issued to review every aspect and a panel of experts has been constituted for this purpose. Dr Murphy made it clear that disciplinary action would be taken on every aspect of prejudice.

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