China’s High-Speed Bullet Train Can Operate In Freezing Temperature

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

12th Jan, 2021. 10:32 pm
China's High-Speed Bullet Train Can Operate In Freezing Temperature

China has debuted a bullet train that is capable of travelling very fast even in extremely cold weather.

The CR400AF-G train can travel at temperatures of minus 40 degrees Celsius at 350 mph.

It is part of the China State Railway Group’s bullet train program.

The train was recently introduced in Beijing, which will travel northeast from the Chinese capital, including Harbin, where the annual Ice Festival is very popular.

Authorities have not yet announced a start date for the train.

The China Railway Beijing Group (part of the China State Railway Group Company) said in a post on Chinese social media site WeChat that the train is capable of running fast even in extreme cold.

For this purpose, attention has been paid to various parts, such as bolts made of chromium-molybdenum alloy, this material works even at very low temperatures.

Also notable are silicone sealing belts, which prevent ice from entering the train body, temperature resistant brake control devices and stainless steel pipes.

This train is designed to reduce energy consumption.

According to a report in China Daily, Zhou Song, director of the China Railway Beijing Group’s Bullet Train Center, said that if the train was stopped for an hour at Harbin, the braking system could easily freeze due to the extreme cold, but our new Brakes from the system work even after a long break.

Prior to China, a record-breaking bullet train was introduced in Japan in 2020, which can safely carry passengers safely to their destination even during an earthquake.

The N700S can travel at a speed of 360 km per hour, but it is currently running at 285 km per hour.

The train has been upgraded with automatic control and braking system so that it can stop in an emergency.

Keep in mind that the largest high-speed rail network in the world is in China, which is spread over 37,000 kilometres, while the fastest train is running in Shanghai Maglev.

The speed of this train is 431 km per hour. China has operated 1,036 bullet trains since 2017.

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