Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman announces ‘Saudi Green’ initiative

Syed Umarullah HussainiWeb Editor

28th Mar, 2021. 04:05 pm
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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has announced ‘Saudi Green Initiative and the Green Middle East Initiative.’

According to the media reports, the Saudi prince has announced two major steps to tackle climate change. The two initiatives will strongly contribute to achieving the global objectives, the Crown Prince said.

In his statement, the Crown Prince said, ‘Saudi Arabia and the region are facing many environmental challenges, such as desertification, which threaten the regional economy.’

He said that, ‘The Green Saudi Arabia and Green Middle East initiatives aim to clarify a clear roadmap that will keep the planet safe, and protect it from adverse effects on the environment.’

Muhammad bin Salman said that Saudi Arabia is a big oil producing country, as and it will also fulfill its responsibility for the environment,’ adding that, ‘the kingdom is going to become a world leader in making the world green.’

“We are also fully aware of our responsibility to provide clean climate resources, for which we will take all possible steps. Despite this, we are also facing many challenges due to climate change,’ he said.

The Saudi Crown Prince said that these measures would also protect marine life. ‘Our mission is to improve the environment by controlling carbon emissions. During the campaign, 10 billion trees will be planted in different parts of the country in the next few years, which will rejuvenate about 40 hectares of land.’

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