France Launches The Very First Military Drills In Space

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

10th Mar, 2021. 08:33 pm
France Launches The Very First Military Drills In Space

France is seeking to become the world’s third-largest space power, and these military exercises are part of that strategy.

With this exercise, France wants to test the capability of its space command.

France has begun its first military exercises in space this week. Its purpose is to assess how capable its space command is of defending its space satellites and other defence equipment in the event of an attack.

The head of the French space command, Michael Friedling, said the exercises were aimed at “testing our system under intense pressure.” This is happening for the first time in Europe. ”

The exercise is code-named in memory of the first French satellite, “AsterX”, in 1965. This exercise will be based on approximately 18 steps performed from the operating room.

“During the exercise, there will be a series of events that will create a crisis for our space infrastructure or become a threat,” said Michel Friedling, head of the space command, however, it will not be limited to this.

During the exercise, the French military will observe a potentially dangerous space object as well as feel the threat to its satellite from an external force equipped with space military power.

The military exercise in space is based on a crisis with one country that has space power and the other with a military cooperation agreement with France. The US space force and the German space agency are also taking part in the French space exercises. They started on Monday, March 8 and will end on Friday, March 12.

France founded its Space Force Command in 2019 and is expected to have about 500 troops in space by 2025. Investment in space military program is said to reach about $5 billion over the next six years. The United States and China are currently spending the most on it.

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