Germany achieves climate target thanks to Covid-19

Fahad PervezWeb Editor

16th Mar, 2021. 08:23 pm

Germany said that the country had met its national climate achievement for 2020, because of the covid-19 pandemic which helped to reduce the pollution due to lockdown.

As per reports, Germany has achieved this after a period of three decades.

The German Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said in her statement that,

“Greenhouse gas emissions last year were around 41 percent lower than 1990 levels, the biggest yearly decline in more than three decades,”

“It’s clear that the coronavirus pandemic has fuelled the reduction in emissions.”

“Catastrophes and economic crises cannot replace sensible climate policy and sustainable restructuring of our economy,” she added.

The final figures showed that Germany had discharged about 739 million tons of Greenhouse gas in 2020 with a reduction of 70 million tons in 2019 figures.

The office of the Federal Environment (UBA) who is responsible for the final figures said that around a third of the emissions reductions could be put down to “the coronavirus effect”, while the rest were the result of policy and structural changes.

“I was worried that climate protection might be neglected in the pandemic, but thankfully that hasn’t proved to be the case,” said UBA president Dirk Messner.

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