Indian passenger plane goes missing in Lahore

Muhammad UsmanMultimedia Journalist

16th Mar, 2021. 06:47 pm

Due to the closure of the flight transponder, an Indian passenger plane has disappeared from the radar after it entered Lahore’s airspace.

According to the details, Air India Express Flight 1191 flew from Amritsar to Dubai at 4 o’clock and entered the airspace of Lahore 15 minutes later. The transponder of the plane restarted near Rahim Yar Khan.

When the Indian passenger plane disappeared from the radar, the Lahore radar contacted the plane through the hotline.

“Your flight transponder is off, the location is not coming”, on which the pilot of the plane said, “the radar is off due to technical fault, we are restarting it.”

The captain remained on the hotline until the flight transponder restarted.

It should be mentioned here that the flight transponder indicates the location and altitude of any aircraft during the flight.

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