UK Announces Plans To Toughen Asylum Seekers Rules

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

25th Mar, 2021. 01:01 am
UK Announces Plans To Toughen Asylum Seekers Rules

The British government is going to make major changes to its policy to discourage illegal immigrants.

According to the government, there are flaws in the current refugee system in the UK, which criminal groups have been taking advantage of to be involved in human trafficking.

According to Home Minister Preeti Patel, the ‘new immigration plan’ would be fair, under which asylum seekers would be supported in the UK. However, she said the new policy would be tougher for those who enter the UK illegally through human traffickers.

Under the new rules, it will be easier for the British government to deport such people. Talking to British media, Patel said that the government was going to introduce major reforms in the immigration system.

She said after the approval of the proposed recommendations, those who enter the country illegally and secretly will not have the rights that are actually given to those who reach the UK legally by saving their lives.

The ruling Conservative Party in Britain has a strong stance on refugees and immigrants in the country. Controlling immigration through changes to immigration laws has been the election slogan of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his supporters.

However, human rights groups in the UK say the proposed changes would make the immigration system unfair and would not discourage human trafficking.

The opposition Labor Party has also called the government’s intervention “unrealistic” and “unfair.”

According to experts, many people from South Asia and the Arab world come to the UK secretly or through fraud in search of a better life. Such individuals are considered economic immigrants, whose criminal gangs make millions of dollars.

As of March last year, there were 35099 asylum applications in the UK, mostly from Iran, Albania and Iraq.

Of the more than 35,000 applicants, more than 8,000 reached the UK by sea in small boats with the help of human traffickers. According to observers, under international law, the UK must refuse to grant asylum to survivors.

However, it is also a fact that the pressure on asylum seekers in the UK has increased, with one result being that it takes years for asylum seekers to get legal action.

Analysts also say the authenticity of the applications cannot be determined by whether an asylum seeker arrives in the UK by plane or by boat.



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