World won’t accept a government imposed by force in Afghanistan, Ned Price

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

24th Jun, 2021. 03:24 pm
Ned Price US-Afghanistan situation

The United States has warned the Taliban that the world will not accept a government imposed by force in Afghanistan.

In a news briefing in Washington, State Department spokesperson Ned Price has indicated that US financial assistance to Afghanistan could only continue if the country has a government that’s recognised by all.

“The world will not accept the imposition by force of a government in Afghanistan,” said Mr Price while referring to media reports about Taliban victories against the Kabul government.

“You’ve heard this from Ambassador (Zalmay) Khalilzad; you’ve heard this from Secretary (Antony) Blinken and from others,” he added.

Earlier, a journalist suggested Ned Price that the militants have expanded their control over Afghanistan to more than 50 districts since President Joe Biden announced his plan to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by September 11.

“Legitimacy and assistance for any Afghan government can only be possible if that government has respect for human rights if that government has credibility if that government has legitimacy, including in the eyes of its own people,” Mr Price said.

Previously, the United States (US) President Joe Biden had said that Pakistan will definitely play an important role in ending the Afghan war and will also work on a peace agreement.

Joe Biden spoke to a Pakistan-born US democrat leader, Tahir Javed and said, “Pakistan will also play an important role in the future for peace in Afghanistan.”

Previously, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) had said that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan coincides with the progress in the Afghan Peace Process.

The Spokesperson had said we also hope the US will continue to urge the Afghan leaders to seize this historic opportunity for achieving a political settlement in Afghanistan.

“Pakistan will continue to work together with the international community in the efforts for lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan,” he added.

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