Deadly Rain, Floods In China Kill 12, Forced Thousands To Flee Homes

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

21st Jul, 2021. 12:10 pm
China rain floods

So far twelve people have been killed in Henan province of China as torrential rain lashed the country and forced thousands to abandon their homes and leaving a dam at risk of collapse.

Roads and subway stations have been submerged across the Henan province of China as heavy rain has brought severe floods.

Images and videos shared on social media on Tuesday showed passengers up to their necks in water and clinging to the handrails inside a carriage on Zhengzhou’s subway.

“The water reached my chest,” a survivor wrote on social media. “I was really scared, but the most terrifying thing was not the water, but the increasingly diminishing air supply in the carriage.”

Storms have hit Henan province since the weekend in an unusually active rainy season that has caused rivers to burst their banks, flooding the streets of a dozen cities.

Weather authorities in Zhengzhou say the rainfall was the highest since record-keeping began 60 years ago with the city seeing the kind of rain it usually gets in a year in just three days.

On the other hand, soldiers from the PLA were sent to carry out an urgent response including blasting and flood diversion.

Also, President Xi Jinping says the situation is “extremely severe” after the city of Zhengzhou saw a year’s worth of rain in just three days.

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