Flood hits China’s Songhua River

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21st Aug, 2021. 04:12 pm

BEIJING: China’s Songhua River was hit by a flood on Saturday morning following continuous rainfall and upstream runoffs.

The water level of the Harbin hydrological station, which is located in the capital of Heilongjiang Province, rose to the warning line of 118.3 meters, according to the Ministry of Water Resources.

The ministry is maintaining Level III emergency response for flood and drought prevention at present, which was raised from level IV to III on Monday in light of the flood situation in northeast China.

It also urged efforts to continue good work related to water project operation and dike inspection and protection along the Nenjiang, Songhua and Heilongjiang rivers to prepare for flood control.

Currently, six working groups dispatched by the ministry are guiding and assisting local flood prevention work in Heilongjiang Province.  (Xinhua)


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