Former Afghan minister becomes pizza delivery boy in Germany

Arhama AltafWeb Editor

26th Aug, 2021. 01:47 pm
Afghan minister pizza delivery boy

A former esteemed minister of Afghanistan, Syed Ahmed Shah Saadat is now forced to work as a pizza delivery boy in Germany, media reports confirmed after his pictures began to circulate all over the internet.

The former Afghan minister was spotted “delivering pizza” a year after he left his position in the country and went to Germany.

He could be seen dressed in orange-coloured clothes with a bag hung on his back in Leipzig, reports added.

The pictures, captured by a German journalist, of Saadat went viral on social media as he now roams around the city and delivers food door-to-door.

The international media further confirmed that Saadat, in his statement, said that the pictures circulating were indeed his.

Syed Ahmad Shah Saadat had joined the Ashraf Ghani-led Afghan government as a cabinet minister in 2018. He had served for two years as the Afghanistan information and technology minister and later resigned in 2020. He then reportedly arrived in Germany in December last year.

When asked about the developments in Afghanistan, Saadat told, “The fall of the Ashraf Ghani government so quickly, was not expected.”

The pictures of the former Afghan minister were circulating at a time when his country’s control has been taken by the Taliban.

Note that Saadat has two master’s degrees in communications and electronic engineering from Oxford University.

Apart from this, he has served in the field of communication with more than 20 companies from 13 countries.

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