Karachi Rains: Fear of electrocution incidents rise as first spell pounds

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

06th Jul, 2020. 07:17 pm
Karachi Rain: Fear of electrocution incidents rise as first spell pounds

Karachi: Rains are considered a symbol of mercy in every part of the world and bring happiness to Karachi as well, but in the long-neglected metropolitan city, even the drizzle can lead to deaths and injuries due to rapidly deteriorating infrastructure, an increasing number of unplanned areas and incompetence of civic bodies and local bodies.

Precious lives have been lost every year during the rains in Karachi, last year, people monitoring the situation launched an investigation which revealed that none other than K Electric, whose negligence resulted in the deaths of the citizens.

It should be noted that in 2019, 19 people were killed in two series of rains in Karachi.

Heavy rains in Karachi have led to fears of urban flooding, while poor power transmission infrastructure has also frightened Karachi residents who are already suffering from unannounced load shedding.

Work remains on 10% of the city’s electricity poles

Will there be no deaths due to electrocution in Karachi this monsoon due to poor power infrastructure and poor supply system? Even the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) does not seem to have much confidence in answering this important question.

Sajid Akram, a spokesman for the country’s power watchdog, said: “Our monitoring team visits the sites regularly and monitors all operational systems.”

He was asked about the status of all these fault lines and loopholes in the electric system discovered by NEPRA, which resulted in 19 deaths in Karachi in just two series of rains in July and August 2019. Were killed.

“When we investigated last year and found flaws in the system, K Electric was asked to rectify all these issues,” he said.

“According to the company’s compliance report, they have completed about 90 per cent of the work on the power poles and the remaining 10 per cent will be completed by July 31, so no one can guarantee what will happen, but obviously If any mistake is made, NEPRA will once again act in accordance with the prescribed rules.

NEPRA had formally blamed K Electric for the 19 power outages in Karachi last year and initiated legal action against it.

According to the report of the investigation committee, K Electric was not only blamed for 19 deaths due to electrocution during the rains but also for a long period of power breakdown.

Since 2014, 73 people have died

Between 2014 and 2019, more than 70 people lost their lives in rain-related incidents.

Despite strong criticism on the city administration, the provincial government and K Electric, the city’s poor electricity and Sewerage systems wreak havoc and cause dozens of deaths.

Figures compiled by hospitals show that there were no deaths in 2014, just one year from 2014, as there was no rain in the city this year.

According to six-year statistics, 73 people have lost their lives in rain-related incidents in the city.

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