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After rains, Flies make lives of Karachiiets miserable

Aizbah KhanWeb Editor

01st Sep, 2020. 11:40 pm
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After rains, Flies make lives of Karachiiets miserable

Karachi: After the monsoon rains wreaked havoc in the city of Quaid, now Flies have also come to test the patience of the citizens.

According to the details, after the monsoon rains, Flies have made the lives of the citizens of Karachi miserable.

After the rains, piles of trash and garbage have been bunched up and that is why there is an abundance of Flies ate attacking everywhere.

Fruit sellers say that they are disturbed by flies everywhere. Customers also leave when they see bees sitting on the fruit.

Shopkeepers have appealed to the Sindh government to spray to get rid of these flies.

Where the bees have disturbed the vendors, even the people in the house are not safe. If not sprayed, the consequences could be in the form of diseases.

Note that, the city’s dilapidated infrastructure has been destroyed due to torrential rains.

According to details, rains in Karachi have ruined the appearance of the city, main roads are in a state of disrepair, water has accumulated in underpasses while drainage work from many highways and areas has not been completed yet.

Even two days after the rains, the low-lying and suburban areas, as well as the posh areas and their societies, are underwater. On the other hand, many roads in the city are in a state of disrepair.

Several feet of stagnant water is standing in Posh Societies, PECHS, Gulistan Zafar Society, Scheme 33, North Nazimabad, Defense and Clifton. The administration has not yet been able to drain the rainwater. In many areas, roads are flooded and domestic houses are submerged.

In Defense, Federal B Area, New Karachi, the property was damaged due to water intrusion in houses, water in the basement of many houses and the vehicles of citizens were also broke down, several areas were flooded.

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